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[MSFS]Problèmes de serveurs pour REX


Pour ceux qui ont constaté des bizarreries de données METAR avec REX :

"To our faithful REX customers -

We feel it’s important to discuss the past, present and future state of our software network and delivery.

Our servers play a critical role with our customers and daily operations. We’ve been with our current hosting firm for well over 10 years, but within the last year we’ve noticed their service has been degrading.

For the past 10 years we ran internal custom processes that download weather data from NOAA every hour. However on January 21st that process just stopped without warning. We decided at that time to use a temporary solution while we developed a more robust and efficient service. This past week we implemented our new metar data service, but with much dismay that data could not be imported from NOAA.

After a more thorough investigation we found there was a problem with our server hardware. Though this has been fixed, it appears that the issue still remains. Between the hours of 5 PM and 8 AM, we notice breaks in communication between our servers and NOAA. Therefore as a result of the present situation and past experience, we’ve decided to escalate the directive to move to a different hosting firm as well as purchase new servers.

Over the next few days we’ll begin purchasing new servers. Starting the week of February 15th we’ll begin to build out the servers and preparing them for operation. During the week of February 22nd, we’ll be running both the new and old servers concurrently to fine tune the operations. During the days of February 25th and 26th we’ll be moving our domain names and the switch will be complete. As our domains are being switched, all of our services will experience an outage at one point or another. It’s our hope this process will go smoothly and rapidly with very little problems.

Thank you for your patience as we solidify our internal infrastructure. In the end this will be a huge improvement and position REX for future expansion!

The REX Team.

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